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Breast-to-body massage


This full body massage is a more heightened version of our standard Tantric Massage. In a Breast to Body session our therapist will start the massage with her hands, penetrating your muscles to get rid of all the tension.

Soon after your body becomes fully relaxed, she will use her body and focus on the sexual energy within and to heighten the experience and increase your pleasure, she will rub her breasts across your body throughout the massage – arousing all of your senses.


This immensely stimulating massage is performed on the mat and includes an assisted shower.

tantric massage


Body to Body Massage Included
This is our most popular massage. Our therapist will start the massage with her hands,
massaging your muscles to get rid of any excess built up tension.
Using both her body and expert hands she will use particular movements all over the
body to hone in the sexual energy within.
In tantra circles this is known as Kundalini energy and can help release buried
emotions, and induce a state of sexual ecstasy.
The tantric techniques will open up the energy channel throughout your body that
connect body and mind, and ultimately lead to a much deeper full body orgasm,
followed by a Lingam massage at the end. This erotic massage will stimulate all of
your senses.
Performed on a professional massage table or a mat.

mutual massage


Another popular massage. Whilst a Tantric massage is design to focus on yourself to
fully awaken the Kundalini energy, mutual massage allows you to focus more on your
beautiful therapist leaving you feeling in power and appreciation.
The best option that’s creating deeper connection with your chosen therapist. Also, it
is a great opportunity for clients to learn some great techniques of a massage what will
boost their confidence in a sexual life overall.
This massage is performed on a professional massage table or a mat.



A combination of traditional Swedish or deep tissue massage with a gentle touch that will arouse your senses and finally end with the explosion of sensations.
Massage therapist is topless during sensual massage.
This massage is performed on a professional massage table

fetish massage


A devilish twist on authentic tantra, incorporating bondage, tie and tease and elements
of domination with a tantric massage.
An appealing option for those looking for a new experience or those already
experienced in BDSM and fetish play. This massage can be tailored to suit your exact
desires and needs.
We are happy to discuss this with you to provide the exact erotic experience you are
looking for.
This massage can be performed on a massage table (advisable for tie and tease) or on
a mat.

nuru massage


Your therapist will help you to refresh in the assisted shower and prepare for the
ultimate Nuru experience.
Full body contact stimulates your erotic desires, slowly building towards an intense
and explosive happy ending.
Your therapist will rub her naked body all over yours, first along your legs from your
head to your toes before turning you over and repeating the process on your front.
She knows how to use various highly sexual positions to stimulate you. These erotic
body movements are designed to give the receiver a maximum pleasure.
This massage is performed on a mat covered with a latex sheet using only the original
Japanese seaweed gel.

ritual massage


Pamper yourself with our most exclusive session that will start off with a sensual
relaxing shower with your therapist making you feel refreshed and wanting more.
The session will include 2 hours of a mutual massage what will help you to fully relax
and also focus on your therapist.
We understand that you may wish to reach the point of ecstasy twice during your
prolonged fulfilling session which is completely acceptable.
This can be accomplished by our usual sensual touching or with a prostate massage.
This massage is performed on a professional massage table or mat.


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